Seven Craft Beer KickStarters to Check Out!

Seven Craft Beer KickStarters to Check Out!


Craft beer is in many ways a David vs Goliath type battle between small, independently or communally funded breweries and the gigantic, gargantuan, prodigious macro beers. So much of what makes craft breweries successful is the patronage of their local communities and other “little guys” who share in the passion of craft beer.

Right now, I am in love with KickStarter. While I have no expendable money of my own (I am a teacher, after all), I do love the idea of normal folks like myself being able to chip in and invest in someone’s dream to make it a reality and share in the success of the brewer or inventor. In the spirit of gift giving and love, I present to you Seven Craft Beer KickStarters you should check out and consider investing in!

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1. Brew Cutlery

Brew Cutlery is exactly what it sounds like. Food utensils with a craft beer twist! These are high-quality knives, spoons, and forks that have a bottle opener on the end! I think this is a genius idea that could really take off, especially in breweries that serve food! Though the project has been successfully funded, there is still time to get in on some of the investor rewards at a low price, and help them reach their stretch-goal of a steak knife!

2. Boujie Baking

This KickStarter is one that I just discovered! These are “Beer-kissed caramel sauces”. If that doesn’t entice you, I’m not sure what will. This woman launched her business through KickStarter some years ago, and is back with another killer idea that needs your help! Consider throwing some cash her way, because I for one would love to try some of these!



3. Beer Idols 

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This one is really neat. This artist is going to make 3oo prints of the most popular beer styles and humanize them! These would make really neat additions to any bar, man cave, etc. We may have have to pick some of these up and hang them up for art in our episodes!

Craft brewers are artists in their own right and their medium is our favorite beverage, so why not support another art form that concerns all of our passions!

4. B.O.B. Bottle Opener Board

One thing craft enthusiasts love to collect is bottle openers. We are always looking for the neatest, most unique bottle opener. You may have seen our awesome opener in the shape of a Wiener Dog (My own dog, Snoop, is a wiener).


The Brew Review Crew Bottle Opener

The B.O.B. is a really neat idea. Basically, B.O.B is a bamboo cutting board with a bottle opener on the end! The most obvious and useful implementation is using the cutting board for a lime and sliding that lime straight into your favorite summer beer! Though, if you are like me, I am in the kitchen quite a bit trying my hand at the culinary arts, and I love drinking a beer while doing it! B.O.B would definitely come in handy in those times! Check them out!

5. California Brew Masters Book



I love reading about craft beer. I have a whole multitude, an immense cornucopia of craft beer books in my library. From Beers of the World, to homebrew books, to biographies and the like, I love to read about craft beer. This book is poised to be another great addition to my collection. California Brew Masters looks at the men behind the magic of craft beer of America’s West Coast. With stories and insight into the lives of over 45 craft brewers, you’re sure to hear something for the first time, and your favorite California brewery is probably featured.

While their requested donation is certainly sizable, I thought with only 6 days remaining in their campaign, that this would be a perfect opportunity to garner support for their mission. If you’d like a great book about craft beer, take a look their way.

Now with the craft products out of the way, I thought I would introduce some Brewery KickStarters to help these guys reach their dreams of opening their very own watering-hole.

6. Black Cloister Brewing Company, Toledo, Ohio.

Now, I won’t go deep into this one, as I just wrote an article yesterday about them, but I did get a chance to hang out with the guys from Black Cloister for a little bit last night, and I got a chance to see their building up close, and I just can’t express to you how excited they are, how motivated they are, and how much of an impact this brewery will make in Downtown Toledo. If you have expendable cash, consider throwing it their way, as you will get some really neat investor gifts in return.

7. Dominion City Brewing Company

Prior to browsing KickStarter, I had never heard of Dominion City Brewing Company, but I am sure glad I found them. They seem like a bunch of really great guys who really care about their community, and want to use their brewery to serve their community, which I find to be very admirable. They hail from Canada, and while their accents on “about” is humorous to me, they seem like they will be creating very high quality craft beers with local ingredients. I hope they are successful in their fundraising and I hope to one day taste their surly fantastic beer.



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