Maumee Bay Mini Mash Series – A Brand New Beer Each Day

Maumee Bay Mini Mash Series – A Brand New Beer Each Day

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Mutz Mini Mash Series:

When Maumee Bay Brewing Co. put out a beer-a-day for American Craft Beer Week, they were basically testing the waters of craft beer.  “Let’s throw out some beers we’ve been wanting to make for a while and see how the public reacts,” was the mindset, and, fortunately, the public ate it up.  It was so successful, in fact, that they’re doing it all over again.

Between June 30th and July 4th, Maumee Bay Brewing Company will be releasing a new experimental beer nightly at their sports bar, Mutz, in what they are calling the “Mini Mash” series.

We sat down with Brewers Jon Koester and Clint McLaughlin to discuss their upcoming “Mutz Mini Mash” series. Check out the video to find out what they had to say about Mutz Mini Mash!

This is going to become a staple at Maumee Bay, where every 6 weeks they have a Mini Mash week where they will tap a brand new beer every day down at Mutz Sports Bar, located in the bottom of the Oliver House.  These beers will range from standard, but well executed, recipes of styles we all know and love, to beers that are wacky, adventurous, and downright strange.  Last time they had an event like this, we got to try everything from a Belgian Dubble to a PB&J Porter. You can see all of the reviews from the last Maumee Bay Series right here: 

As mentioned in the video above, the lineup for the dates of June 30th – July 4th are:

Monday – Lemon Peppercorn Black Saison (I’ve never heard of, or tasted a black Saison, so this should be very interesting!)

Tuesday – Mango Pale Wheat with Citra Hops (A favorite from ACBW!) (in fact, why not check out our initial thoughts?)

Wednesday – Kentucky Red Cream Ale

Thursday – Double IPA with Chinook, Galaxy, and Mosaic Hops

Friday – SURPRISE BEER RELEASE (Though, if you watch the video above, Clint gives away some Spoilers!)

So join us! We will be taping a review of each Mini Mash beer live at Mutz on the day it is released to the public.  Swing by, grab a drink, and tell us what you think.  As you heard from the brewers themselves, customer feedback is the name of the game.  See you at Mutz!


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