How Long to Age 120 Min. IPA

How Long to Age 120 Min. IPA


One of the more absurd beers in the world of craft beer is Dogfish Head’s 120 min. IPA.  I don’t mean absurd in a bad way, but when you think of what it is you have to agree, a beer made this way is completely different, wacky, deeply complex, over-the-top, and, in every way, absurd.

For those who don’t know 120, it is a beer that is boiled for 2 full hours while hops are continuously added.  To put that in perspective, standard brews are boiled for 60 minutes, and hops are added anywhere between 1 and 3 times in measured doses.  Sure a lot of beers go away from this standard, but to make 120 min IPA it takes more malt and hops than any beer Dogfish Head makes.  Many people say that they don’t even feel like they’re drinking a beer when they have a 120.  It is more like a wine or a spirit than your typical American Lager.

Here’s our dilemma, we’ve gone out of our way to acquire 7 bottles of 120 IPA.  We’re going to do a review with one, and a couple special reviews including two more, leaving me with four bottles of 120 left.  As it says in the video, and right on the bottle, this beer ages extremely well.  But, how long do we want to age it exactly?  That’s going to be up to you! answer the poll below and let us know how long we should wait to try my next 120 min. IPA.   Have tasting notes on different 120 vintages? Leave a comment and let us know!

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