The Top 250 Beers in the World by Location (As of Now!)

The Top 250 Beers in the World by Location (As of Now!)

Happy New Year to all of our fellow craft beer lovers! Recently, a long-time follower of the Brew Review Crew compiled data from leading Beer Review sites around the web to create a visual representation of the top 250 beers in the world by location. Dominic Sberna, a student at Bowling Green State University in Ohio has been following the Brew Review Crew from nearly its inception. He was kind enough to share this infographic with us, but wanted us to make sure to point out this infographic is for educational purposes only, and all images and logos are copyrights of their respective companies. As an Ohian, Dominic also compiles a list of the 100 top beers that hail from his homeland, broken down by region. Dominic also noted that the data utilized in compiling this list changes daily – literally, so take this infographic for what it is, and please enjoy! Thanks, Dominic!

Interestingly enough, though perhaps not surprising, the grand majority of the top 250 beers are produced by the United States while the remaining few are located in Europe. Even though many of the craft beer styles enjoyed by Americans today are European in origin, the global favorites are made in the United States. One possible explanation for this paradox is that the source of the data used to compile the Top 250 Beers in the World by Location is from an American-based beer-rating website who’s user-base is profoundly American. The alternative explanation is simply that America makes better craft beer – MURICA.  Either way, we hope this infographic strikes you as interesting or thought provoking. Remember, this was made by a student for educational purposes only, so, please do enjoy!


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