The History of Beer! An Interactive Timeline 2015-05-31 13-47-38

Hey, Crew! Have you ever sat back whilst drinking your favorite craft beer and pondered the history of the beverage you are imbibing? A gentleman by the name of Brian reached out to us here at the Brew Review Crew and asked us to share his interactive timeline on the history of beer with all of you! We are happy to oblige! Before we do, we would ask that you spread some love to Brian and his company; Home Brew West, a home brew supply company!

As teachers, we love the opportunity to learn and share knowledge to you guys; our friends! Please take some time and enjoy the educational journey through the history of our favorite beverage; beer!

If you enjoyed this interactive timeline, or if you learned a thing or two from it, please consider stopping by the Home Brew West homepage and peruse their fine selection of home brewing supplies!

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