Synek is on Kickstarter! [Update]

Synek is on Kickstarter! [Update]


The other week, we highlighted a product that has the ability to be a real game changer in the brewing world.  This product is called SYNEK.  SYNEK is the best way for you to have any beer, on tap, directly on your counter top.  It’s a simple, but innovative system that solves multiple problems.  With SYNEK, people can enjoy beer at home that isn’t distributed in bottles, they can have beer stay fresher for longer than if it were kept in a growler, and they can allow brewers to promote their brand without having to install costly bottling lines.  All you need to do is fill up the SYNEK cartridge directly from the tap, the same way you’d fill up a growler, and enjoy it in the dispenser at home.

We’re finally happy to say that SYNEK is now a product with a live Kickstarter page.  You can find that Kickstarter page here, or go to

The goal of the Kickstarter is to reach $250,000, and as of today they have raised almost $25,000.  Watch the video below to see just how simple it is to fill up a bag from any tap!

As mentioned in the video, some of the money they make from the Kickstarter will go towards giving these simple filling tubes to breweries everywhere, so the consumer can just bring in a bag and fill ‘er up!  Why would you want a SYNEK?  Here are some advantages to using the SYNEK system.

Benefits for you:

– Don’t lose quality (like you do with growlers) – ours last 30+ days!
– Cartridges are interchangeable – ultimate selection and convenience; change in-between pours with no lost carbonation
– Easily store our bags; perfect for aging and safe-keeping
– Completely customize your cartridge, from homebrewer to brewery
– Dispense your favorite craft beers at their highest quality anywhere
– Access craft beer around the world and easily transport it!

What do Brewers Think About SYNEK?

So what do you think?  Are you as excited about SYNEK as we are, or are you still skeptical?  Leave comments below, and check out their Kickstarter page for more details.


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