Oculto – Budweiser’s Newest “Craft” Brand – Is the Worst Beer I’ve Ever Had



Well, craft beer lovers, they’ve finally gone and done it. Yes, Anheuser Busch (AB-InBev) has gone and made the Absolute WORST beer I have ever had. Hand’s down. Bar none. This is as bad as beer can possibly get. I am positive of that. I foolishly thought that Coors was responsible for the worst beer I’ve ever had. That lowly ranking has been championed without contest by Budweiser’s newest travesty; Oculto; a tequila-flavored beer. If, and that is a HUGE “if”…IF you are enticed by the idea of a tequila-flavored beer, allow me to drop a nuclear sized truth-bomb on you. Oculto is not good. It is the worst beer I have ever had. Below is our video-review of this abomination, but I implore you to read on below the featured video to watch as a paint a tapestry of hatred all over this website over this primordial-soup of a “beer”.

Oculto, which has not been released to the masses yet (I know this because of the lack of the mass extinction event that is sure to come once this hits the shelves). It is scheduled to release Spring of 2015 which means that much like the creepy registered sex-offender you looked up on that internet database, this swill is right around the corner.

Oculto is “brewed” with blue agave and then blended with what–is-supposedly beer aged [rotting] in tequila barrels. The launch is designed to attract younger drinkers that aren’t drinking hard liquor yet by giving them a ‘taste-of-the-good-stuff’ by incorporating a tequila “flavor”. The brand also wishes to capitalize on popular Mexican beer sales al la Dos Equis, Corona, and Modelo.  Despite the tequila staves this beer is aged on, it should be known that Oculto has no tequila in it. I find it ironic and cringe-worthy that AB-InBev just released a Super Bowl commercial making fun of craft beer drinkers, yet has been snatching up craft breweries left and right, and is now attempting to release a new crafty brand in Oculto. For shame, AB. Be better than that.

The one good thing that Oculto DOES do is market well. Oculto has a fairly badass label that features a skull with the Oculto name etched into it. One neat feature of the bottle is that the haunting eyes staring into your soul will glow an evil green when the bottle is cold. Don’t be fooled like we were. Oculto’s bottle is trying to warn you of the impending doom quickly approaching you. Much like the poor girl in the Exorcist, the bottle has a demon inside of it – ready and waiting to destroy you.

I almost prefer this experience to that of drinking Oculto

I almost prefer this experience to that of drinking Oculto

The appearance of Oculto is much like any other typical Mexican-style lager. It is vibrantly yellow, and while most Mexican lagers have the appearance of human urine, Oculto is one of the only brands that actually manages to capture that essence within it’s flavor! Much respect to Oculto for bridging that long- explored-but-never-achieved gap.

The aroma on Oculto is puzzling and downright mysterious. Between the overly sweet “tequila” aromas flooding your olfactory, your brain will be racked with the task of dissecting the competing aromas of stale tortilla chips with soggy cardboard and sadness. If that doesn’t entice you to fill your parched mouth with the liquid fecal matter of the Mexican beer gods, then I’m just not sure what will!

If you have read all of the above and STILL want to know what Oculto tastes like, you are one of two things; a sadist who enjoys self-infliction of pain and suffering, or you’ve been blessed with the condition where you feel no pain. Oculto would be better suited for the second round of Fear Factor where it is incorporated into the blend of roaches and grasshoppers than it is suited to be inside of a beer glass, not to mention a human body. The first sip I took of Oculto resulted in an immediate, though subdued gag (I was on camera, after all). If you have the gag-reflex of an adult film star, you should have no problem at this point of the experience! Oculto’s flavor is a mix between rotten feet and vomit. There is simply NOTHING pleasant about this flavor profile. It is a mixture of some strange lemon-pledge type cleaning solution and sticky, flat, old, expired 7-Up or Sprite. Those same lovely fake citrus flavors found in Coors Lite Summer Brew have found their way into an AB-InBev bottle – except this time – add fake tequila flavoring! I would not be the least bit surprised if Oculto was the toxic run-off of some horrific boating accident that occurred when Coors attempted to hide the rest of Summer Brew at the bottom of the ocean. The flavor on Oculto is sick, disgusting, and quite honestly laughable that a beer could ever reach these types of lows.

Moral of the story; avoid Oculto at all costs. While it does have a really neat bottle and label, that is where anything salvageable about Oculto sadly ends. I am SO “happy”[?] that we were able to get our hands on Oculto before it hit the shelves so that I could do my best Nostradamus impression and foretell of great horrors that are to come to all of you craft beer lovers out there. If you enjoyed reading this review [warning] please share it with your friends!

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  • HA! Hilarious! This beer sounds awful!

  • I hope you two were able to recover quickly.

    • Much like aspartame in Diet soda and radiation from cell-phone usage, Only time will tell just how damaged we are from drinking this “beer”

  • I tried some on a lark. If this is the worst beer you’ve ever had, then you’ve had a charmed life.

    I’m not saying it’s good or even passable but worst? Not even close.

    • We have to ask; what ungodly liquid have you been forced to endure? Were you a prisoner at Guantanamo and subject to “Aggressive Interrogation”?

  • Sweet mother of god I wish had read your review before I picked up a sixer of this swill. I swear I almost puked at first sip. I am looking at the remaining 5 bottles and wonder if I can get a refund. I dont even want to pour it down the drain in fear of stinking up the house. This shit smells and tastes like it has been filtered through a month old corpse pulled from the Ganges.

    • We tried to get it out as soon as we could! If nothing else, to save people like you from the irreparable damage done by Oculto. Maybe you could just give the rest of the beer to someone at a party and take over-under bets on how long it takes for them to either puke or pour it out. There’s really nothing good that comes from 6 Ocultos.

    • Your comment made me laugh out loud. I have to ask, how did you stumble across our article? Were you SO distraught by this beer that you searched other horrific reviews online?

      Either way, your post is simply hilarious, and we want to thank you for taking time to share your witty review with us. Good luck on your next beer purhcase, and may God have mercy on your pallet!

  • I recently read your review and I feel compelled to ask: what other beers have you drank? Do you have a limited catalog you choose from? I have lived in Europe and traveled to Australia, and have tried many many many beers from all over. And while this is definitely not the best beer I have ever tasted, it is definitely a lot better then others I have tried. Maybe if you expanded beyond your current catalog you would see that it’s not as horrible as you make it out to be.

    • Thanks for your comments and your question. I’m glad you enjoyed this beer more than we have, but, unfortunately for us, this was next to undrinkable. Maybe our bottle became extra oxidized or skunked, but it was honestly the worst beer either of us have ever had. Maybe it’s just perception, it’s hard for us to tell. At the risk of sounding like a snob, I will say that both Ron and I have had hundreds upon hundreds of different beers, many of which land on multiple “best beers in the world” lists. Yes, most of these beers are from the U.S., but many are from around the world as well.

      With that in mind, we’re not adverse to what many craft beer drinkers call “crap beer”. I can’t tell you how many cases of Natty Ice we’ve had, both in college and on any given night since, or how many Beer 30’s, Genny Ice’s, Icehouse, or any other mix of random beers we have gotten because they are the cheapest ones at the store. Before we both had jobs, beer was bought based on our income — the cheaper the better. None have come close to the gag-inducing menagerie of flavors that Oculto brought to the table. I have heard other people say that the canned version of this beer isn’t undrinkable, but if you look at the comment next to yours, we’re not the only one that had to pour this down the drain.

      Thanks again for commenting and taking the time to read our article. If this isn’t your worst beer ever, what is? We’d love to give that a try!


      • “At the risk of sounding like a snob…”

        You’re waaaaay past that point. Not sure if you bought a bad batch, or if nothing less than a chocolate milk shake poured over turnip roots would suit you. This beer is very light and a little sweet, but the flavor is not bad at all. It’s a great warm weather beer, when you’re not looking for something too heavy. Sorry, but I can’t imagine myself out on a boat, in the sun, sipping Guinness all day. For the right situation, this beverage fits the bill in my book.

    • While I actually like this beer, his tastes are his own, and it’s not like he is going to magically start liking it if he tries more beer. I do think his “review” was a bit rediculously over blown though.

      • Thanks for taking time to leave a comment and read through it! I appreciate your sensibility, and while my review was full of hyperbole and exaggerations; it was meant to be humorous. We try to give it a fair review on our video, but realize that we were a little over-the-top! All in good fun!

        Thanks again!

      • Yeah, while reading your review, the term “Drama Queen” came to mind. I wonder if the level of like, or dislike, with Oculto has something to do with how you feel about beer in general. A hard core beer aficionado may have your overly dramatic reaction and claim it tastes like Yak piss. On the other hand, those of us like myself who really can’t stand beer (hate is such a strong word), may have an entirely different reaction and actually enjoy the taste of it. The only reasons I subject myself to the torture of drinking regular beer are: it’s there and there’s nothing better to drink; I only have $5.00 for drinking money, so tappers it is; it was free and I’m cheap…a.k.a. someone bought it for me and I didn’t refuse it. I really like Oculto because it doesn’t taste like beer to me. Or at least, it doesn’t taste nasty to me which is how I feel about 99% of the beer I’ve had in my lifetime (and I’m from Wisconsin, there’s a Micro Brew on every corner). See…completely different tastes, it isn’t the worst thing that ever happened in the brewery world, I’m actually pretty happy I stumbled across it.

  • I actually like the flavour and think it is quite smooth and pleasurable

    • Oh BTW my worst 2 beers would have to be the god awful Chelada (Bud or Bud light) and the urine infused King Cobra Malt

      • I have only heard horrible things about Chelada (We are too afraid to try it). King Cobra is one of the 40’s I (Ron) enjoyed in college. Enjoyed may be a stretch – but it was cheap and served its purpose!


    • We certainly don’t hold that against you! We are actually happy that someone out there does enjoy this beer. Someone’s hard work was behind Ocultuo (as misguided as they may have been), and it would be a shame if 100% of people hated it. Cheers! We appreciate you reading our article and hope that you enjoy the beer you purchased with your hard-earned money.

  • A disclaimer first, fellow craft brewskies lovers: I will forever wonder why the herd-like dictum about Gitmo being a Stygian hellhole has stuck around for so long. The very sanctimonious geezers that would love nothing better than to abrogate, in the name of their death cult, our right to sip our pints, are accorded the immense boon of American jurisprudence their own barbaric Shariah would never grant us, infidels, if the roles were reversed. Gitmo is a 5-star resort, as far as I’m concerned.

    Now, you have saved me a few quid along with much grievous aggravation this morning. For that I’m forever in your debt. Just this morning, on a quick trip to Winn Dixie to forage for some eggs and bacon, the aforementioned monstrosity caught my eye, with its undoubtedly fancy label. But I guess I new better; so I did a search and stumbled upon this magnificent treasure trove of information on John Barleycorn. By the way, “Oculto” means hidden in Castilian, my mother tongue. I can only surmise the name of the miscreation is an ill-advised pun played on us all by the Budweiser twits. Thanks a million for the heads-up.

    • Jose,
      Your comment is absolutely brilliant! I laughed heartily at your wit. You have a really wonderful writing voice and if you’d ever be interested in a guest-post, let us know.

      Thanks for your kind words, and thank you for reading and taking time to comment. We absolutely love readers and comment-leavers like yourself! Thanks a million, yourself!

    • >By the way, “Oculto” means hidden in Castilian, my mother tongue. I can only surmise the name of the miscreation is an ill-advised pun played on us all by the Budweiser twits.

      Please explain this, for makes sense it does not to me.

  • OOps. Occult really is for kids. I noticed that it is 6% by volume instead of weight. That translates to 4.6 by weight. That’s .4 above Bud Light, and .4 below Budweiser. Market niche ahoy! I like the bottle, but that stuff about the eyes glowing green when the bottle is cold is nonsense. The green eyes, printed on the back label refract through the fluid to give you that effect no matter if it is warm as piss, which is not it’s color. It has a more orange glow to it. The bottle is very cute, with some illusion to a skeleton key where it tapers to the root beer style long neck. All in all, I’m glad I tried it, so I don’t ever have to drink it again.

  • Bro.. That article had my rolling.. What’s on your top beers for the summer??

    Also if you see someone drinking an Oculto.. Whaddya say to them!??

    • HA! Thanks for reading it, glad you enjoyed it!

      My beers for the summer are Oberon by Bells and Turbo Shandy by Hoppin Frog! Get on those!!!

      If I see someone drinking an Oculto, I try my best to find a priest to read their last rites to them!


  • I totally agree with you. Oculto is the worst beer I have ever had. I would choose Natty Light over it in a heartbeat. Today is National Beer Day and as a public service announcement, I advise EVERYONE to NOT drink this beer under any circumstances.

  • I wish I would have checked out this review before buying Oculto. Disgusting. I totally got bamboozled by the marketing and packaging. I should have checked to see this is just another AB craft brew poser beer. GROSS!

    • We definitely appreciate your kind words! Their marketing campaign is outstanding. We give them credit for that, for sure. It is a cool bottle with cool packaging. What is inside, on the other hand…is sinister.

      Thanks for reading!

  • This beer is great youre all weak

    • We are glad you liked it! Thanks for leaving a comment!

    • This beer is GREAT!!! you have to step out your clichees, think beyond average! Obviously you can’t…
      it’s in a different category, you just don’t have to think you’re drinking a “regular beer”
      the Austrian

      • What would you consider to be a “regular” beer? We review beers that fall in at least 10 different styles of beer regularly. Not sure what you’re getting at, but thank you for reading our article and for taking time to leave a comment!

  • This beer is not even close to the worst beer I have ever tasted. I finished one bottle with no problem. There has been many beers that I have tasted that I will not take a second sip. If you think peanut butter and chocolate beer is good and this is bad you are crazy. ( I watched some other reviews from you two ) This was like a Corona to me. If marketed right it will sell.

    • We have no doubt that it will sell. Marketing is more powerful than quality. To each his own, for sure, but for us, this beer was just deplorable. I (Ron) love Corona. I drink it OFTEN. This beer was just NOTHING like Carona to me! I’m glad you enjoyed it though. Thanks for watching our reviews, and thanks for taking time to leave a comment! Cheers!

      • You literally just ate your own words. Corona has great marketing, but tastes terrible. Even adding lime and salt doesn’t mask it’s nasty taste. The fact that you say you “love” it proves that their marketing is working.#brewreviewcrewsucks

    • hahah….I totally agree Doug. I’ve had that peanut butter and chocolate beer, that was some nasty shizz. Oculto reminds me more of Tequiza than Corona. Tequiza (with lime) was my drink….back in the day (sigh)

  • So, I live in San Diego. You know, we have…a lot of great beer in San Diego. I was shopping at my local market and saw a tall can of this stuff and thought, “hmmm, what is this?” I couldn’t find any obvious mega-brewery origins on the can, but then, I wasn’t wearing my glasses. I bought the can and haven’t opened it yet. Figured I’d look for some reviews.

    Now I know. At some point I will open it and taste it. But just reading this makes me think of Zima. Remember Zima? *shudder

    • We envy you to our core over your origins! We love SD beer! Please do try this and let us know how you “enjoy” it!

  • Si tomas tekila y cerveza al mismo tiempo te gustara ami me gusto pero lo malo k en salinas california donde vivo no venden esto ahora estoy de vacaciones en Georgia aki la compre espero k aya mas personas k les guste como ami

  • Tequiza 2015.

    • We wish (sort of) that we had the opportunity to try Tequiza just so we had this point of reference!

      • I’ve had the honor or horror of trying both tequila & oculto. Oculto is by far worse in my opinion because of the “wet cardboard ” taste. Also when tequila first came out, it came with a little packet of lime flavored salt which balanced out the taste of the tequila in the tequila.

  • You guys had to be paid to make this video, it is really good! Smooth, tasty, not much like tequila, but you can taste the flavor from the agave staves. Such a nice tasty beer. I will buy it again and again!

    • This a awesome beer .lots of my friends think one of the best.im guessing yall either got a skunked beer or are getting paid to rip on this beer

      • You’re the second person who has suggested that we might have been paid to not like this, and to that we ask, “By who?!” haha. If anything people would pay us to talk a beer up (which no one ever has), not tear it down. I (Cory) agree that this MIGHT have been a skunked bottle, but I have actually tried this out of a can to see if it was any better and still hated it. I’m glad you and your friends enjoy it, everyone has different tastes, and you can tell by the comments on both the site here and the youtube page that this is a polarizing beer to say the least! Cheers!

  • I too was intrigued by the marketing and label of this “beer”. I literally took 2 drinks stopped looked the can over to read what i had actually purchased. I still don’t know. It doesn’t taste like a beer, not even a disgusting beer. My tastebuds were too confused to continue with the torture and so the drain of my sink will have to endure the remaining liquid with a draino chaser. The reason i even looked up the review was to see if anyone else was thinking this is the worst. The worst! A bad beer at least has a direction, i cannot figure out the thought behind this one.

  • Picked up a six pack last weekend and was surprised at how good it taste. To each his own. This is a good substitute for when i am unable to make a beer run 2 states away for Yuengling.

  • I don’t think it was as bad as you guys think it was but I don’t drink Beer alot but is is definitely better then Natty Ice I don’t like Budweiser cocktails beers I guess it is to each its own. There are some beers that is worst than Oculto Beer out I think but it is my opinion

  • I passed by Oculto many times before actually buying it. It’s a sunny, warm and gorgeous day here in Michigan (which is rare), and I needed something to pair well with my Mexican fare. The bodega on the corner doesn’t offer much in the name of cerveza, basically only Corona, which I DID almost grab. (In a perfect world, they would have had Victoria and we’d not be having this conversation, but it’s my local hood and I am tired so I deal with the selection). So I see Oculto, and hesitate, but because it has the words “beer” in the description, I tell myself it CANNOT possible be on a par with Lime-a-rita or whatever other garbage I have sadly tried. I am reminded of my long forgotten friend, Tequiza. Beer, with a hint of agave. Which, in my opinion, was awesome. But…….as I open it, it SPRAYS all over (omen, I am sure), and after I clean up the sticky liquid all over my floor, I take a sip. Ughhh….It tastes like watered down Tequila. There is no way this should have “beer” anywhere on the label. I’ll finish it because it’s the day before payday and I am not a waster, I will not be a repeat offender of this monstrosity. Wish I’d have read ya first. You gained a fan.

    • Jane,
      Thank you so much for not only reading our post, but leaving such a great comment. I loved reading your post. I’m sorry you wasted your money on this “beer”. I’m proud of your effort to drink it despite the flavor, but I have to tell you that I agree with your sentiments 100%.

      Thank you for the kind words, and please keep dropping by! We hope you can find a brew that we have reviewed that is more up your alley!


  • I guess I’m one of the minority that actually likes this beer.
    I also like other beers but do not stick with one beer all the time,it’s kind of a mood thing and I think what tastes good to one may not taste good to someone else. I have tasted worse beers or what I thought were bad but then see someone else enjoying it. To each his own I guess.

    • Bob,
      Thank you for commenting on our post! We are very happy that you enjoyed the beer. Even though we can’t believe you did, we would HATE to see anyone waste their hard-earned money on a beer that they disliked. You are so right; to each his own!

      Thanks again for stopping by!

  • I am in complete awe. I LOVE THIS BEER! AND everyone I’ve shared it with loves it as well.All these negative reviews sound suspiciously like plants from the competition. Life is too short to listen to anyone’s opinions, even mine! buy it, try it, think for yourselves.

    • We’ve received mixed opinions on this one. Obviously Ron and I thought it was awful, but people, like yourself, love it. I agree, try it and see what you think for yourself. I wonder, though, who else had negative opinions? I can say for sure that we’re just independent bloggers who have no ties to any “competition” and gain nothing from trashing this beer. It was just that bad to us.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • I am among the lovers of this beer (before reading your scathing review). I’ve always thought that to rate any drink or food was terribly unfair, as taste is a very subjective sense. As a friend once wisely said to me YEARS ago, “That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla”. He was right.

        • I am certainly glad you enjoyed it! This has been quite a polarizing beer for our readers/viewers. I don’t know that I agree that it is unfair to rate food and beverages. I think anything made for consumption (food, music, movies) is open to discussion and review! We respect the brewers of Oculto; we just didn’t care for their product! Thanks for leaving a well-worded and well thought-out comment!

    • Had this beer on vaca down in Florida and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Perfect summer beer, love it!

  • it’s better with 3 oz of mid-range Gin.

  • I don’t care blonde ales, but out of curiosity I tried some Oculto. It was drinkable, although a little too sweet but definitely not the worst brew. In my experience that dubious title has to go to Michelob Ultra. After putting in 12 hour days,7 days a week for weeks on end doing medical recovery at ground zero of Hurricane Katrina landfall, relaxing with a couple of brews at the end of the day was vital to restoration of body and soul. Sadly, Mc U was all that was available, and that only after several hours of driving. Even after 6-8 bottles of that hamster pee, no relaxation or warm feelings whatsoever, only an obsessive urge to urinate every 10 minutes. Luckily for me, a local County worker bestowed a bottle of sour mash whisky on me and saved the rest of my stay. Michelob Ultra is not even worthy to be called beer.

    • What an amazing comment! Thanks for your service during Katrina – that had to be harrowing. Mich Ultra was my go-to brew in Vegas! Dirt, DIRT cheap. It is leagues and universes better than Oculto, though!

      I’m glad Whiskey came to the rescue for you!

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Well then, tell us how you really feel. lol

    I actually just bought this because I wanted to try something new. For cheap beer I usually go for Steel Reserve because it’s cheap and does the job, but it’s the worst beer I have ever tasted in my life. I like this in comparison. It very drinkable to me and tastes like a blend of beer and margaritas. *shrug* Different strokes, I guess. I’ll be buying more when the urge for beer strikes again, I’m not a big beer drinker in general.

    • We are glad you enjoyed it well enough! Your bar is already below the basement in Steel Reserve! The only way to go is up! I would say Oculto is a lateral move from Steel Reserve, though I enjoy Steel Reserve more. To each his own! I’m glad you found something you can tolerate!

  • It has an interesting flavor, but WORST BEER EVER? I don’t think so. I’m sure you have never had Three Horses.

  • “Much like the poor girl in the Exorcist, the bottle has a demon inside of it – ready and waiting to destroy you.”
    This article couldn’t be more on point. Occulto, despite the alluring logo and design, was atrocious and downright misleading, occulto in my mind would sound like a down right delicious brew, it sounds like a good time. To my utter dismay, however, it was complete chungus. I Drank 6 beers an hour ago, and I’m baffled by how indescribably terrible I feel. I wish I had a broader vocabulary to truly and adequately describe the atrociousness of this brew, but I think there are something’s the English language just can’t articulate. If you truly want to experience the drug -addicted son of natty light, by all means try it, but as a warning I must inform you, this beer is straight up trash. This is simply my opinion, and if you enjoy the beer, by all means disregaurd this post. But be weary, in my youth I drank cheap vodka through my ass; and occulto, though not nearly as liver-wrecking as butthole drinking, is reminiscent of that time, I strongly advise against drinking this beer at party or anything like that. This beer purports to be catered to the younger drinking audience, if you’re 14, by all means drink this beer; Perhaps it’ll scar you so bad it’ll make you wait till you’re 21 to drink again. I know in just rambling on at this point, but I would like to make one more point on the matter…this beer gave me a headache whithin a hour an a half, and I’m a fairly experienced drinker. So I’d have to say, on a scale from 1-10, I’d give it a 2.7, and that’s being generous. Thank you for posting this article. I really should have researched this beer before I bought occulto, i’m So, so sarcastically looking forward to the hangover in the morning…

    • What a HILARIOUS comment! Thank you SO much for writing this! Your assessment of Oculto is amazing and on-point. Thank you for taking time to visit and write a comment. We hope you enjoyed our review and we hope that you’ll come back again!


  • As someone who is a tequila aficionado, preferring to sip and enjoy a high quality brand vs. shooting or blending it into a margarita, this beer’s taste was quite a nice surprise. Yes, it is sweeter than others, but it is not awful.

    • I can’t say that either of us are tequila aficionados, but we are definitely surprised that someone who considers themselves one actually likes this beer! We are open to the possibility that we were off on this one, but the comments tend to skew towards our opinion. We are glad that you found it enjoyable, though!

      Thanks for taking time to respond. Cheers!

  • Maybe it’s a phase and maybe I have odd taste but I’m digging this stuff! It doesn’t just taste like a plain old beer although I’ve been drinking cheap beer like keystone. I’m sick of Bud light!

  • You’re article was spot on!! This beer is awful, so bad the last four have been sitting in my fridge for months, assuming some unlucky person will grab it. The taste reminds me of something frat boys used to mix up, dreaming it would lead to BJs. Then this crap gave me a horrible headache after only one. Months later, I recently gave it another try, (getting low on booze and lazy) hoping it might be ok. Nope! That shit taste like zima, mixed with light beer, a hint of Budweiser’s pathetic try at lime beer, and another headache! What is in this crap?! I find it offensive Budweiser sells this shit thinking they can get away with it.

    • Emily,
      Thanks for taking the time to write us! We couldn’t possibly agree more with your sentiment. It’s a truly offensive beer. I haven’t gotten the courage to try it again, but it sounds like according to your experience, I should just go ahead and avoid it. Budweiser will do whatever they can to reach as many drinkers as possible, but I think they took a big swing and a miss with this one.

      Thanks again for stopping by!


  • I think the phrase “perception is reality” applies here. I tried an Oculto given to me without any prior knowledge of it. I read the label and looked for the brewer and assumed that “Broken Staves” was a craft brewery. I drank the whole bottle and definitely did not find it to be the worst thing I ever tasted. True, there is a bit of a funky aftertaste but I attributed that to the flavor of agave, which I believe was the intent.

    Maybe I would have had a negative reaction had it not been a beautiful, hot summer day. Or if the bottle didn’t have such a beautiful label, or if I had known it was brewed by a AB subsidiary…. the list goes on. All I know is that perception is reality and I thought I was drinking a true craft beer, so I trusted it. And I liked it well enough.

    I can almost guarantee that your perceptions played into your opinion of the beer as well. It’s not your fault, we are all human and our opinions are dictated by our experiences. It is probably fair to say that you would have given a more forgiving review if this had been poured directly out of a tap at a local craft brewery (though I doubt it would have been raving).

    Or, conversely if I bottled some Founders KBS with a AB label we would likely all denounce it as heavy handed mass produced trash with no finesse.

    Perception is reality.

    • While I think there is truth to this, we tried to make it clear in the video that we both like mass produced beer and drink it regularly. It’s not that AB makes bad beer because they’re AB, but some of their beers just don’t taste good. This happened to be the case here. I actually figured this was brewed by a brewery who AB bought and then AB tried to mass produce it, so going into the bottle I had decently high hopes. After smelling and tasting, my hopes were dashed.

      As for the idea of KBS being in a differently labeled bottle in disguise? I like it! It’d be an interesting case study with a group of craft beer fans given the “AB” bottle and see how they react. We’d all hope that we’d give it credit for having amazing flavor, but I would NOT be surprised if there were many negative reviews. How can we set this up?!

  • Best beer ever. I tried it at a Mexican restaurant and went all over town to purchase. Everyone who has tried it loves it. Brew Crew I think your trying too hard to knock this beer. Must be Intimidated by the competition this beer brings.

    • I’m glad you and your friends enjoy this, Jessica! You’re not alone in loving this beer, we’ve heard plenty of people come out in support for Oculto, but we’ve also heard an equal amount trashing it as hard as we did. We both wanted to like this beer, any good beer on the market is better than a bad one, but it just didn’t sit well with our taste-buds. To each their own, I guess!

  • Now, you’ve just made my point… I don’t like c&w music, sort of like a bad beer to me I guess. BUT, I do like Chinese and Mexican (and Indian for that matter) food… many don’t. Apparently some don’t care much for agave flavor in beer, and that’s okay too. I did find, that it needs to be COLD (hence maybe the glowing eyes?) for it to taste good to me. You guys are okay anyway… good discussion… you like it, or you don’t 🙂

  • I just had some Oculto with dinner (fajitas) and have to say it went well. I like it, but must agree, a stand alone beer it is not. I was upset to learn recently that Beck’s is now owned by AB, they’re attempt to corner the beer market is detrimental to beer. For those who like Bud and Oly and IPA’s, go ahead, but I like my beer flavorful thank you very much (amber to stout depending on my mood)

    • Thanks for leaving a comment. We have a lot to say about AB and craft beer. We can see both sides of the argument and plan on writing an editorial on the subject soon. Thanks again for leaving a comment. We love a good amber or stout ourselves! Cheers!

  • You guys obviously have no taste in beer. Its very good

  • On a hot HOT day after working in the vineyard, an Oculto with a squeeze of lime is very refreshing. Maybe if it were considered a malt beverage instead of a craft beer you wouldn’t be so offended. The worst product from AB it is not.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment. You could call it whatever you want to call it! We truly don’t care about the marketing aspect. All we care about is the flavor in the bottle. After a hot day in the vineyard, a chilled bottle of ANYTHING probably hits the spot! Oculto just was not our thing! Cheers!

  • All I know is that Ocultos is a a great beer to eat with ice cream ! Who would have thought!

  • I feel like i’m really late here. But I actually like this beer. Not sure why, but the taste isn’t bad ( tastes like agave sweetener ), and it gets you drunk as hell. I can feel my teeth right now, . This guys full of shit, this beers great.

  • Everyone out there OCULTO Beer is really good, don’t knock it until you try it, I bought a box of 12 and put them int he freezer for about 2 hours, then My wife and I enjoyed the tequila flavor ice cold beer, I’m not much of a beer drinker but oculto has got me hooked, I will definitely continue to buy this beer…clearly takes corona, modelo and all other beers out the box and gets you feeling good after just 3 beers…..

  • I picked up a six-pack because it was marked down to $6.33. I gagged on the first bottle, and it was everything your review suggests.

    That was yesterday. I was trying to figure out how to get rid of the other five, when it occurred to me to try a slice of lime (like the way Corona is traditionally served). It was palatable enough to allow me to drink the rest of the beer — barely. I will never buy it again.

    • We get so many comments telling us how stupid we are, it’s refreshing (no pun intended) to hear an agreement! Cheers! Good luck with proper disposal, ha!

  • I’ve killed two 6packs the last two nights in a row. As has my buddy helping rebuild my kitchen. It was recommended by a friend of his who though it was pretty good as well. Now I hate most of your typical cheap beer. I just don’t see how you think it’s so awful. Will pick up another 6 on my way home from work. Maybe we are animals…or maybe yall are just pussies. Either way, bottoms up!

    • Ha! I suppose we could be, but it just was disgusting to us. We may try it again just for fairness sake. Thanks for taking time to leave a omment and cheers!

  • I had a craft brew in NY that tasted like what I imagine pine tree piss would taste like if a tree could piss. Another in Alaska that tasted like seal bile. You need to get out more if you think this stuff is the worst.

  • If you don’t like it don’t buy it. Why don’t you let intelligent people figure it out themselves instead of you persuading people on their decision with your opinion. And
    It probably needs repeating, repeating………

    • I agree, people should buy it and find out for themselves. The thing is, we’re a review website. We say which beers we love and recommend those, and which ones we hate and recommend those. If people like Oculto, that’s fine and we’re happy for them; however it just isn’t a beer we would recommend. We’ve had a mixed response, many people have said they love this, many have regretted their purchase and wished they saw our review earlier. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Cheers!

  • Wow! I cannot believe you think this the worst beer!? Maybe you had a bad one. I kinda like it,it’s different but thats what I like. You can taste the agave and a hint of tequila. Worst beer I think is the one with a hot pepper in it! I mean you drink a beer to wash away the heat! Well not everyone likes IPA’S and I am one of them. I will buy some more of this. You guys must be real beer snobs…

  • If you think Octulo is the worst beer ever, YOU need to get out more! It is Awesome and Refreshing!. You must be Dull and have no taste!

  • This stuff is unholy. I’ve been seeing it in stores recently, and on my way home today, I caved and picked up a sixer. I had no idea that it was made by the untalented brewers at AB Inbev. I wish I had known..I wouldn’t have bothered. The smell wasn’t overly offensive; however, the taste was putrid. If Budweiser was going for the sweetened-decaying flesh taste, they frigging nailed it. I’m not sure this is the worst Macro “craft” I’ve ever had (that award goes to Miller Fortune), but this runs a pretty close second (although Third Shift is total shit, too). I had two sips, my wife had one, and we unashamedly dumped the rest down the drain. The other five in the sixer will follow shortly.

    • We’re so sorry you wasted your money on this brew. While I wouldn’t go as far to say that AB brewers are untalented, this beer was definitely NOT one I’d showcase to demonstrate their abilities! We also apologize to your drain!

  • Well some of us have more refined palettes and have actually tasted multiple high end brands of tequilas. I actually now prefer this beer over corona or dos x. This beer may not be for the inexperienced beer drinker. This beer has a different taste from what many American and Mexican beers have, and on top of that it has a very, very mild burn to the throat, but similar to that which tequila has.

  • Bruh, the dramatics are real here. I couldn’t even finish reading the article. Also, I feel bad for your tastebuds. Oculto is the best beer I’ve had in awhile. It doesn’t have that watered-down piss taste. Beer that doesn’t taste like beer is delish.

    • We appreciate the comment! The article was definitely hyperbolous, though done so for humor. If Oculto is the best beer you’ve had in awhile, I am happy for you, though I have to question your tastebuds as well!


  • I have no doubt that this beer is awful. A. Busch tried this same stunt back in the 90’s with a beer called “Tequiza”. It was supposed to be a tequila flavored beer but it tasted like beer mixed with whiskey and it was beyond terrible. It was discontinued in about a month after what seemed like a billion dollar ad campaign. I guess they thought enough time had passed and they could give it another shot.

    • We are all too familiar with Tequiza! We totally agree with you; enough time has passed and the big-guys are taking another shot at it. The packaging is awesome, the advertising is great. The actual beer? Terrible.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Can’t say I agree with you at all. I can close my eyes and choose just about any craft brewed over hoppsy beer and consider it worse than this. It is refreshing with a mild flavor and no bitter aftertaste like most craft beers. It isn’t the best by any means but I’d drink this long before most microbrewery beers.

  • Just like there are wine snobs, there are surely beer snobs. I have tasted my share of brews in my life, and the fact that you go on about how bad this beer is, makes me wonder about what you like. The funny thing is, you got these other numb skulls to agree with you. There are lots of sheep out there. If this is the worse beer you have ever tasted then you have a limited pallet. I enjoyed it for what it was.

    • Hey Perry, thanks for the comment. This article/video has shown that this beer splits the community in half. Half of the people like it, half think like us. This isn’t a persuasive piece, so we didn’t “get” anyone to agree with us; we just are tasting the same off-putting flavors that many other people taste. The great thing about beer (and I guess any subjective, taste-based food/drink) is that everyone’s tastes are different. I’m glad you enjoyed it, more for you!

  • Yall crazy good stuff

  • I like the beer and hope u keep Making it.

  • It’s not bad. Apparently you’ve never had Steel Reserve. Make sure you don’t smell it if you try it.

  • Thanksgiving day, I was given this beer. I didn’t try it @ the time, until Friday . I can say this, I’ve tried many beers & this is an A+, for me. A different name would be great, though.( Tequilarita, A good Name for it )

  • Thanksgiving day, I was given this beer. I didn’t drank it @ the time, I waited until the 27th, I give this Beer an A+. I tried all kinda of beers.
    Now, y’all could change the name to ( Tequilarita). I Enjoyed the Beer. Thanks.

  • It may not be the “best” beer ive ever had but its certainly better than piss like bud or miller.
    Personally I think its alright. I prefer Mexican beers though.
    This review is a bit over the top.
    To each their own I suppose.

  • They said this was the worst beer ever is a joke compared to other American beer that is watered down or premium mixed drink . they complain its too sweet they got sweeter sugared down beer then this like Smirnoff,hard mikes lemon and others ones. But they want something cheap so they can get drunk on. like miller,bush, colt 45, old English, Coors light, blue pats ribbon,steel reverses.Locos . Europeans hate Budweiser don’t want to drink it. If the 6 pack wasn’t 8.99 you would buy its the cost of the beer that makes you not want to buy it. For 6% compared to other Americans beer is not bad. one more thing the IPA they got selling for 8% taste horrible with the after taste now that crap. you want a better beer you pay what you get. you want something cheap for a value 24 pack get jenny’s for 10 dollars now that a great beer.
    Some people will like this beer some will not like this beer but don’t call it the worst beer ever just means you to damn cheap. that just my 2 cents

    • We can assure you. The price of this beer has nothing to do with our distaste for this beer. Thanks for your comment!

  • Dude, you’re trippin. This beer is just fine.

  • I picked this beer up not knowing anything about it, along with many other highly regarded beers, and I thought it was fantastic.
    Preference is always subjective, and telling people to spread the word that this beer is bad because you didn’t like it makes you bad.
    Bad you.

    On the plus side, entertaining read!

    • I don’t think we tell anyone to tell anyone else it is bad; pretty much opposite. We both encourage people to go out and try it for themselves! Thanks for reading and thank you for the compliment!

  • Hey fuuuuck you punk I think it’s as good as your old lady’s pussy! Haha

  • I am obsessed with this beer! I think we are all allowed to rate food, drinks and such but must prefix it with “in my/our opinion”. The way this article is written suggests that it is a fact (I know you didn’t mean it as such and lalalalala).
    So here we go, in my opinion it is a great tasting beer, fresh, delicious and smooth. More places should sell it, more people should try it.

  • HEY COME ON! I liked this beer and I think I have good taste. I mean I like your website. Although in full disclosure, I have had several head injuries and I own 7 cats. Enough said?

  • If this is the worst beer you’ve ever had you haven’t tried any of the piss water passed off by many big brands…

  • From an old timer, didn’t mind the taste – could it be my buds are toast. Nevertheless, grab a six and give it a try – why not prove the critics wrong – won’t be the first time.

  • Stupid review, and u should never insult Gods.

  • So pissed I can’t find this beer in local stores anymore. This shit is good..people saying this taste horrible or people who swear by PBR or natty ice and shit

  • Oculto is the best beer i’ve ever had. my brother in law who order craft beer from all over the world says he loves it. my son, who will only drink craft beer loves it. my husband who has drank more beer than any human alive loves it.
    so i have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Guess my wife and I are weird. We picked up a six pack the other day and really enjoyed it. After reading these reviews we might better stock up incase they decide to no longer produce it after the comments I’ve been reading, LOL… Good Day!

  • Its actually not a terrible beer and is quite tasty. I had a buddy surprise it on me and at first it was a different taste, but I gave it a chance. Now its one of my favorites. I’ve recommended it to other people and they enjoy it as well. While your review is humorous, I simply disagree with 100% of what you’ve said.

  • I think your wrong stop eating ass before you critic products

  • ASSHOLE DONT TALK FOR EVERYONE, tequila beer is a great idea and I like it so fuck off, .l.

    • Ha! What’s the title of this post? Worst Beer I’VE ever had. We are speaking, quite literally, for ourselves. It’s a review site.

  • Just this today (was magnetized by the alluring packaging. Whoops? Does this count as a whoops?) and had no idea what I was getting into. Just wanted a somewhat cheap beer that wasn’t pbr or coors, etc.

    Honestly, this isn’t the worst beer I’ve had. I had no expectations, but I was curious how the beer would taste since it was “aged on tequila barrel staves” and “infused” with Blue Agave.

    It doesn’t taste like vomit or feet — it just tastes like any other beer… Or maybe I’ve just been drinking awful booze for years?

    Anyways, I wasn’t expecting anything hard — try Dog Bite if you want to get drunk off a beer — and I’m not disappointed. I’m not happy either (another thing I wasn’t expecting), but it does the job.

    • We are glad you were satisfied with the beer! We could think of dozens of other similarly priced brews that would get us drink that taste a LOT better than this one! Cheers!

  • This was a good beer when it was 7.0 alc. Now awful. Can I have my money back only drank one of the six-pack. I really like the old formula could taste the tequila.

  • Don’t hold back, tell us what you really think ASSHOLE. I really like it and I have been drinking beer a lot longer than you.

    • We couldn’t be happier that you like the beer! Just so you are aware, on this website, we give you our unbiased opinions. This IS a review website, after all! Thanks for reading and taking time to leave a comment!

  • I guess that’s the good thing about beer!!! What you say tastes bad someone else will love it. But then you probably like dark beers that I can’t drink on a bet.

    • We agree whole-heartedly. Tastes do change if you let them, so keep trying those dark beers! You’ll find one you love!

  • You are of course entitled to your opinion. I picked it up and I’m still nursing my first six pack ( I don’t drink all that much anymore) and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t know if the recipe has been changed since you’ve written this review. It could simply be my love of Agave as a flavor. I woudn’t call it my favorite beer but it’s definitely in the upper half of all the beers I’ve had (Yeungling and some Russian beer I never knew the name of still sit at spots 1 and 2 in no particular order).

    • They say that there is someone out there for everyone, and we feel the same way about beer! It would be a real shame to waste your money, so in that regard, we are happy you are enjoying it so much! Thank you for reading our piece and thank you for leaving a comment!

  • Guy’s, you write the most amazing colom ! You are so experienced with CRAFTS that it blows my mind brothers! Also, your absolutely correct according to OCULTO but, when you’re broke as a joke…it does get the job done! BTW (of course not sexually) I freaking LOVE you guys! You’re the best…keep it coming guys!

    • Thanks for the kind words Nathan! We also LOVE you (in a non sexual way, of course)! I think you just became the next BRC Reviewer Review on our podcast. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to talk about or review for ya!

    • Broke? This stuff isn’t cheap. Maybe like the first month. And ‘get the job done’? It’s not even strong! Ha…

  • op is wrong as hell. this stuff is pretty decent. your “If, and that is a HUGE “if”…IF you are enticed by the idea of a tequila-flavored beer” comment basically disqualifies you from holding any opinion to begin with

  • Am I the only person who thinks that it tastes exactly like one of those Banana Boat tanning oils smells? Why oh why was I persuaded by the clever skull candy marketing they chose to implant on this product?

  • And by the way, Beer Review Crew… I abso-freaking-lutely love the way you respond to the negative comments left on your “unbiased opinion” articles! Kudos to you for keeping it classy, with a hint of sassy! I’d bet if you were a beer, I’d freaking love you!

  • I think if you’re looking for a “traditional” type of beer…this isn’t it. However, I have an affinity for tequila and agave flavors. And I rather enjoyed a bottle of this stuff. I’d say the article was a bit overblown. But each person has different tastes. Drink what you like, try new things, and then drink some more of what you like.

  • Hilarious! I just came across this looking for something else about Oculto beer. I am a “real” beer lover… No Bud, Miller, or Coors for me. And if those are the only choices, I’ll just take water – thanks. However, I was surprised by this beer. I am no Mexican beer fan either – DEFinitely no Corona for me. Bohemia’s good, Victoria all right.

    Anyway – you get the point. Someone brought this over to my house one day and I have to say – I LOVE it! I didn’t read your whole thing, which is very funny btw – but I respectfully disagree. It’s pleasant. But you have to think of it as something different, not just beer. It’s more cocktail-like in a way. It’s slight sweetness is probably what throws you off. And it has a different type of body by being kept in the wood barrels that held tequila. Anyway, just wanted to throw my opinion out there for anyone reading your review cause not everyone has the same tastes. I also found that wine drinkers liked this whereas they don’t usually like beer.

  • Worst beer you’ve ever had, come on…

  • I agree. Oculto is gross and undrinkable. I was pulled in by the sugar skull on the label and the interesting name. Never again.

  • I actually really like this beer. I have turned multiple Co-workers onto it as well. Only one did not like it. And they let it sit out in the sun before they drank it.

    • Really glad you enjoyed the beer, and especially glad you were able to turn others onto it. That’s the magic in beer; we all drink the same thing, yet all experience it different ways! Glad you didn’t waste your hard-earned money!

      Cheers, thanks for reading.

  • You both are f-n idiots who have no idea! This brew has been one of the best I’ve ever had. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it not good beer. Maybe you need to stick to tasting pussy drinks such as malts and such. Find another hobby, really! You are both fired!

  • So full of shit, this beer tastes awesome, I have been a craft beer drinker since 1983, this is one of the most unique tasting beers, I love tequila and I use agave in my tea, the sweet and the light flavor is so nice, who ever this dude is that wrote this article knows nothing about craft beer, nor has a any taste buds. Go f*** yourself.

  • bought 6 pack before finding this page….got gnarly heartburn after 3 beers ..thought it might be the ole flavored malt liquor …and i looked on the net….lime+tequila?malt liquor flavored=heartburn city

  • I'm really not a useless fuck

    Not sure what the hell you were tasting, but maybe you should try cleaning your pallet before drinking that beer. I happen to think the aftertaste is sweet. And it’s actually becoming one of my favorite beers. Maybe you’re just into that IPA rubbing alcohol flavored crap that’s rude with nothing but hops and bullshit.

  • This is the worse beer I have ever had. I cannot believe they still brew and sell this sh-t.

  • Best beer I ever had. I will definitely be a returning customer

  • Listen jack ass I love it! So do all of my patrons that visit my establishments..

  • Well my friends and I loved oculto I think it’s way better than most of the beers out there I hope they keep making it I’ll be very sad if it is discontinued.

  • I totally disagree. It has a great taste and is 6.0 by volume. I am very upset that Budweiser has taken this off the market.

  • I don’t know why people are saying this is such a bad beer. I and totally distraught they quit making this. You have to bring this beer back immediately. I cannot find any beer that even compairs to this. Also with my wife being on gluten free diet. This was the only beer that doesn’t effect her insides. Please Please Please bring this beer back.! Why did you stop. I don’t get it. You can send it all to me if no one else drinks it. We need this back.!!!!!!!

    • I’m glad you enjoy the beer! It just wasn’t for us. If you’re looking for a gluten free beer for your wife, New Belgium does make a series!

  • I tried it, and it wasn’t the piss swill as you said. Sounds to me like you are one of those beer snobs that drinks beer so bitter it makes warm guiness taste like honey. Problbly you drink that crap with ” grapefruit notes” wich smells like cat piss.

    • Hey Dave,
      Thanks for the reply. We do enjoy grapefruit notes, and beers that smell like cat piss. I don’t think we are snobs, though this article is certainly snobby. We invite you to check out our other stuff as well to get a better feel for what we do. We are glad you enjoyed Oculto, though, even if we didn’t.

  • I love it!!

  • Your opinion may carry weight with Distributiors but not with me. I for one happen to like I Oculto. Too bad it may get discontinued.

    • I highly doubt our opinion carries weight with ANYONE let alone a distributor! It is getting discontinued because it was extremely unpopular and more importantly; NOT PROFITABLE.

  • You are so wrong about this beer. I am not even a Beer Drinker and I enjoy the flavor taste and then on bitterness of oculto beer in fact I keep a supply at all times in my refrigerator. But possibly through your negative remarks about the beer my local Watering Hole cannot get it HEB Kroger Walmart and Spec’s liquor at Spec’s Liquor cannot receive this beer I am on the hunt to buy as much as I can. You’re wrong your taste buds must be gone. Your opinions of this beer are so wrong I am a 60 year old native houstonian but as I stated and not a regular or never have been a regular Beer Drinker but I do enjoy and prefer oculto over any other beer there is and as I said over any other beer.

  • Decided to pick up one in a “pick 6” six pack stand at a local grocer. Thankfully I only got one! At first, the smell was appealing but the first swig was like a chemical overload. I couldn’t quite decide if it was like lemon pinesol or pledge. Either way I happily poured it down the drain. I’m hoping it helped to clean my pipes considering it’s close resemblance to household cleaner. Hands down, worst beer I’ve ever tasted!

  • I love oculto. As soon as I heard it was discontinued I bought out every distributer in my area. Fuck AB-InBev for pulling the only beer that was worth anything

  • I love this beer, sweet crisp flavorful with no after taste. I am very upset my grocery store quit selling it

  • I just went to 4 different liquor stores in my town looking for Occulto. It was my favorite beer and I learned they discontinued it. Nothing ever goes right for me. It was the only freaking thing I wanted and now I can’t even have that.

  • I thougt it was good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Had a similar beer in Spain right now (“Desperado”), and I kinda liked it – probably because it never went from sweet to salty. Was hoping to find something similar in the States, but if this is all they have…ayudame.

  • People get absolutely passionate over the weirdest things. I’m NOT a beer drinker. In the past I had been lured into trying some interesting sounding flavor or craft beer by beautiful packaging and marketing, on more than one occasion. Only to find that it still just tastes like beer, which to my palate might as well be horse piss. It just so happens the neighbor was moving and there were a couple bottles of this just hanging out in her basement. She was elderly and not at all a drinker and had no use for them. I was charmed by the bottle design, but have long since learned my lesson and was going to pass, but the husband who generally isn’t particularly fond of beer either, but can stand it if there’s nothing else (probably due to fond associations from his college drinking days from when he was told about all the fun he had) decided that we might as well take them. So they’ve sat in the fridge for several weeks now, because neither of us have worked up the courage to try. After reading your review I suspect I know why they were still sitting unopened in her basement. And I’m pretty sure that my initial assessment was correct. I still won’t like it, because it still tastes like beer. That said I think the husband has taken your review as one of those teenage boy games to see who can take the hardest hit and keep standing. Or that it’s some kind of “sack tap”-ing challenge and now he’s determined to try “just to see how bad it can be”. After reading the comments I’m quite startled, however, at how angry individuals are that you are giving the beverage a bad rap. I eventually quit reading comments because apparently the basic response is either you LOVE it or you HATE it. I gotta say that were the situation different and even if this was my go-to beverage to take with me to the proverbial desert island I would still be a sucker for clever writing, especially brilliant satire and humor. Even if this was the most fantastic thing I ever tasted I would still be able to read your review and laugh my ass off over your descriptions and hilarious turn of phrase. And it wouldn’t take anything away from my enjoyment of the beverage. Might even add to it if I was reading it along with the refreshment. BEST beer ever or SWILL brewed by the devil himself I want to thank you for a few good chuckles and and engaging read. I have to admit your review would not have swayed my own opinion or experience had I already tried it. I fully expect to hate it because as previously stated: beer. But it was free. The husband can now test his masculinity. And the remaining bottle can go into bread making if nothing else. But on the off chance that this doesn’t taste enough like beer that I like it (highly unlikely) this was still a cleverly written hilarious article. Thank you for posting a refreshing voice and a clever read over what on the surface seems like it should be a fairly lighthearted topic.

  • Best “beer” I’ve had and always a go to when I cannot decide what to have. I’m also not a beer snob, so I guess my palate is open.

  • It is ok. It tastes exactly as I expected: A cheap but serviceble mass market beer flavored with tequila extracts. I sincerely doubt any ‘aging’ occurs. It is ok for Taco Night.
    ODouls Amber has a better flavor and avoids the DUI arrests on the way home from the Mexican restaurant.

  • Oculto was a great beer for people like me who hate domestic beer. If you’re a domestic beer lover you won’t like oculto. To me Molson, Labatt, Budweiser all taste equally bad and roughly the same, but ocuto bucked that same old taste and went for something completely different. So I can see why people with zombified taste buds would find it bad.

  • Had my first and only bottle of this just this past weekend.

    1) I can agree it is easily the worst beer I have ever had.
    2) I just now learned it was made by Budweiser
    3) I also learned that it was discontinued in 2016.

    So, that means the one I drank has been in my friends fridge for at least a year. LOL

    BTW, just to reiterate, it tastes like rancid death with a little plague thrown in.

  • Well. I’m a new beer drinker …. 5 yrs only ,since moving to SWFL . I love Oculto !
    And Bud lite lime , Mich ultra, yengling . My taste buds can’t be all that bad !

  • Easily in the top 5 worst beers I’ve ever tasted, has that artificial fruit taste that all these want to be craft brews do

  • Back about eighteen years ago there was a beer out called Tequiza that was a beer with blue agave in it. It was actually really good. Haven’t had this beer yet.

  • Bull crap!! Best beer I’ve ever had!!! People who don’t like this beer also probably only drinks ur typical bud and miller! A real beer lover will enjoy the hell out of this

  • My first bottle of Oculto was” WTF is this crap.” I had bought a six pack and, because I’m cheap, decided to try another. It went down better. By the fourth one, I was thinking that it wasn’t too bad. I think it’s sort of like drinking scotch- it’s an acquired taste. Or like smoking, where the first butt makes you gag, but you continue and beat your body into submission, and eventually convince yourself
    that you enjoy it. Sort of like reading beer reviews. (just kidding)

    • Haha! Well, there are so many beers out there to try, that “beating myself into submission” is not something I am too interested in doing when it comes to beer!

  • You are so wrong!!! This is the best beer ever made. Smooth and bold.

  • You must be dense if you think this was so horrible. Not bad tasting at all. Perfect for summer nights. Maybe you bought some that was past its sell by date.

  • Oculto was one of the best beers ever bar none. It is obvious you are a fruitbag.

  • This is hands down the best beer ever!!! Only problem is I’m having a hard time finding it anymore

  • You’re a tasteless and opinionated idiot! This is one of the greatest tasting beers to appear in mass production— EVER! Every kind of Budweiser SUCKS! Every kind and variation. How they ended up owning this gem, I don’t know. Every person I’ve recommended this beer to, who has tried it, has found it AT LEAST unique and enjoyable. A few have totally sold out to it with me as a summertime beverage of choice. You ought to get your facts straight and ask a few others beyond your infantile taste preference and narcissistic tendencies. But hey, WAY TO GO!! YOU SUCK!

    • Thanks for your kind words! With more people like you, the world would be a more positive and friendly place!

  • This is my favorite summer beer ever. I feel like an idiot but I love this beer. It hasn’t been on the market for nearly two years and I found 4 at a local bar I was trying for the first time and bought all of them. I put a little Hornitos Black in it and love it!

    It’s so good after a hot day outside you dudes must live in Minnesota and never have enjoyed real Mexican food.

    I mean this video starts with you saying my number is my name in Spanish. Go jump in one of those 10000 lakes, haters.


  • Just because you did not like I loved the beer Oculto

  • This is one of the best beers I’ve ever had. But everyone has their own taste. So sad that it was discontinued.
    But to say it’s the worst beer you’ve ever had? Guessing you haven’t tried all that many.

  • Thanks for helping kill this beer you asshole. It was actually really good if you like margaritas.

  • I like the beer when it is in the bottle. That is all, sad it is gone got a good buzz on a 6 pack.

  • Well, you’re an idiot! It was a good beer for a hot day, and I’m sorry it’s been discontinued. Can always count on assholes like you to ruin a good thing

  • Well, you’re an idiot! It was a good beer for a hot day, and I’m sorry it’s been discontinued. Can always count on assholes like you to ruin a good thing. It was a good summer beer

  • Disagree! Oculto
    Was a delicious beer. I think first, you must like beer. And second, you must like tequila. If you have checked both boxes, the beer would be exactly what you’d expect.

  • Your a fool. This is the best beer I’ve ever had. And it’s probably your fault I can’t get it anymore