DRIPA Kuhnhenn Brewing Company (Best IPA in the World-2012)

Double Rice IPA

Double Rice IPA

Recently, we traveled up to Warren, MI to visit our new friends at Kuhnhenn Brewery. Kuhnhenn is home to DRIPA, the Double Rice IPA, also known as the World’s Best IPA of 2012. It was something I absolutely had to have, and boy, am I glad I did. You can read our full review of Kuhnhenn Brewing Company HERE

Here is what Kuhnhenn says about DRIPA:

This gold colored West Coast style Double India Pale Ale has an intense hop nose, with aromas mainly of citrus. The high hop character dominates this IPA’s flavor profile. Made with American long grain rice, it is quite difficult to make but the rice contributes to this beer’s crisp aftertaste.”

Here is what I thought about DRIPA:


 DRIPA is a bright yellow/golden color with a huge white foamy head. White lacing coats the glass as you enjoy this masterpiece.

Wow! This beer smells amazing. Really outstanding aroma. DRIPA smells so fresh; like pine needles in a forest of Evergreens. This beer is really clean and fresh, almost a rejuvenating aroma. I Absolutely love the smell.


My goodness! DRIPA is really, really clean and piney. Very floral in nature. It’s dry like a west- coast IPA should be, so it is an excellent example of the style. What I really came to appreciate about DRIPA was that there was no lingering bitterness that makes me want to scrape my tongue as in other outrageous Double IPA’S sometimes are. It’s as every bit as bitter as you’d want, but it doesn’t last forever, which is desirable. It’s awesome. Simply put.


I give DRIPA a solid 98% or an A+. Who am I to rate it any less that world-class if it won Best in the World? I completely concur with the honor, and it was an honor for me just to taste it. It was a delicious beer, and one that you are absolutely obligated to try.

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