How to Build a Kegerator – Easy DIY!

Nothing quite tells the world that you love beer like having beer on tap at your house.  One way to do that is through the countertop SYNEK system that we’ve highlighted before, but the more intense/bigger flex of your beer-loving muscle is to have your own Kegerator.  Kegerators can be expensive — I’m talking thousands of dollars expensive.  But you don’t need to be rich to do a DIY build of a Kegerator, it just takes the right parts, tools, and knowhow.  Do you have an old fridge in storage, or an old college mini fridge?  You’re halfway there! The great people at Part Select have put together a step-by-step, easy guide to starting your next DIY project.  kegerator-final

Even if you don’t have the fridge that they use, or if you want to make this for your homebrewing “corny kegs”, you can take the principles above and add your own twist to it.  Here’s my Kegerator that I made using the same basic ideas above, just tweaked to fit my fridge and needs.


imageAgain, thanks to Part Select for letting us use this graphic.  Hopefully it will help you start and finish your next weekend project.  You can see the original page at .




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  • Great write up on how to build a kegerator. I really like the blueprint styled info-graphic. I just got done converting an old fridge into a kegerator. I sure could have used this then.