Hank the Beer Tank – The Ultimate Portable Kegerator for Draft Beer Anywhere.

Hank the Beer Tank – The Ultimate Portable Kegerator for Draft Beer Anywhere.


As a proud alumni of THE Ohio State University, some of my fondest memories were of Saturday mornings in the Fall, or, as it is better-known; Buckeye season! Early morning house parties and all-day tailgating consumed our day as we waited in anticipation for the Buckeyes to take the field. One ever-constant present at all of these festive events was ice cold beer. While grabbing cans from an ice-filled cooler was a decent solution to our need for beer, it would have been awesome to be able to pour our brews straight from the tap. In fact, there are endless social situations that come to mind where having a mobile beer tap would be convenient and fun! That dream is now a reality. Introducing Hank the Beer Tank; the portable, mobile beer kegerator.


If you are like us here at the BRC, you love hosting family and friends for gatherings, parties and celebrations. Being the amazing host that you are, you like to provide your guests with some icy-cold beverages to imbibe upon. While you could lug out the ole chest of ice and beer, why not impress your guests by pouring them a perfect pint of your preferred pale ale straight from a kegerator? Hank the Beer Tank can elevate your next get together to the next level by offering your guests awesome ales in the manner that the brewers intended when they brewed it. Let’s face it; beer tastes better when it is on tap. Forget cans and bottles; now you have the power to give your friends and family perfectly poured pints, no matter where you are.

Whether you have used our guide on How to Make a DIY Kegerator to create your own in-home kegerator, or you have one that you’ve purchased – you know one thing for sure; that thing is probably staying put in whichever location you set it up. It is practically impossible to take your in-home kegerator with you to sporting events for tailgating or to the park for a cookout. With Hank the Beer Tank, your draft beer goes with you no matter where you are.


Created by two beer-loving guys named Sabastian and Adam, Hank the Beer Tank was created to help beer lovers take their favorite brews with them on the go.

Sebastian and Adam met years ago in Washington, DC playing on the same recreational soccer team. They quickly became best friends enjoying brewing beer, sports, music, traveling, and talking and drinking all things craft beer.

Their passion for partying and craft beer drove them to devise ways to share cold, delicious, quality draft beers with great people in locations that weren’t always keg friendly. Thus, Hank the Beer Tank was born, a portable kegerator that is the result of genius engineering and willing pre-production product testers at multiple beer friendly venues in DC and Florida.

Adam brings a decade of experience in draft beer equipment along with the tinkering prowess to build two Hank prototypes and evolve Hank to his current glory. Sebastian is the outreach guru, who has introduced Hank to breweries and beer festivals up and down the East Coast.

Now, with Hank the Beer Tank,  cold draft beer everywhere you go without the hassle of ice is now a reality. Hank, as he is affectionately referred to, is the first portable, electric kegerator on the market. Developed by Adam Koeppel and Sebastian Ehreiser of Washington D.C., the patent pending invention holds 1/6 of a barrel of your favorite draft beer or other beverage. That’s enough for 55 x 12 ounce pours. The machine is small enough to fit in a sedan, or the classic red wagon Ehreiser uses,
making it perfect for use at home or on the go. Hank runs off 110-240 AC or 12-24 DC, so you can plug it into a household outlet, an extension cord, a boat, a battery, or a car’s 12 volt outlet. It keeps one’s favorite brew, wine, or cocktail cold, fresh, and pressurized for several weeks.


Hank by the Numbers:

  • Accomodates 1/6 bbl keg (55 twelve ounce pours)
  • Can be run off any power source (12-24AC; 120-240DC)
  • Advanced compressor chiller thermostat ensures exact temperatures (0-41 degrees)

Features and Benefits:

• Uses 1/10 the power of a traditional, full-sized kegerator. That’s less than the power required by
one 60-watt lightbulb
• A detachable chrome tap tower
• Circulation blowers to provide consistent beer temperature
• Digital thermostat to ensure precision temperature control
• Compressor chiller with an advanced mode for temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit
• Designed to withstand motion from rocking boats to rockin’ parties
• Battery protection feature to ensure Hank does not drain your car battery



So whether you are tailgating before your favorite sports team faces off against the ferocious foes, or your celebrating one of life’s many joys, sleep soundly this evening knowing that your favorite craft beer can be with you, no matter where you find yourself in this world.

To help Hank the Beer Tank become a reality, or to get more information on Hank the Beer Tank, check out the Hank team at the contact information below.

Email the team at: Seb@hankthbeertank.com
Call us at: +1-202-492-0608
Find us Online at: Facebook and Twitter

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