Great Black Swamp: Tony Packo’s 80th Anniversary Ale

Great Black Swamp: Tony Packo’s 80th Anniversary Ale


Tony Packo’s is a Toledo staple and an absolute “must-do” if you’re visiting from out of town. A Hungarian hotdog cafe, it was made famous by the show M*A*S*H as a hometown Jamie Farr (actor) mentioned in on the show.

Tony Packo’s is unique in that its walls are lined with autographed hot dog buns. Celebrities ranging from Big Bird to President Obama have signed buns and enjoyed one of Toledo’s finest eateries.

Great Black Swamp Brewing Co. Also a Toledo business, brewed up Packo’s 80th Anniversary Ale, a Pale Ale. Lets see how it is!

Appearance: 80th Anniversary is a dark, blood orange color with a thin, white head. As you drink the ale, a lacy white film coats the glass. The beer is crisp and clear and really has a lovely color.

Aroma: This pale ale smells of orange. Strong citrus nose is sweet and inviting. There is almost a nutty aroma as well. As I continued to smell the beer, it reminded me more and more of a Belgian style brew. Very complex and interesting aroma.

Mouthfeel: 80th Anniversary Ale is semi-well carbonated. It was a little too flat in my opinion, which had been a common theme with other Great Black Swamp brews, so maybe it is just their style. There is a light bitterness, but definitely not an IPA level. Pretty tame even for a Pale Ale.

Taste: This beer had a very light, hoppy bitterness. I wish there was more of a bite, but the hop bitterness was present. Orange, citrusy flavors coat the tongue throughout the taste. I compare this most closely to a Blue Moon, but less carbonated. The beer is pleasant and tasty.

Conclusion: Tony Packo’s 80th Anniversary Ale is a decent beer. Overall, I’d give this beer a 78 or a C+. It was not as bitter as I was hoping, and honestly, it tasted so similar to a Blue Moon, that I’d rather purchase a Blue Moon, as it is of higher quality. I would definitely recommend trying this beer, but skip purchasing a bomber, and instead come to Toledo and enjoy one at Tony Packo’s.



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