Perfect Beer Glassware – An Infographic

Perfect Beer Glassware – An Infographic

Ever wonder what the perfect glassware is for your favorite beer? Could a piece of glassware really make your beer taste better? We absolutely, wholeheartedly believe so! A few weeks back, a gentleman named Alex contacted us here at the Brew Review Crew to share a new infographic with us! It has been awhile since we have featured an infographic on the site, but whenever we find a great one, we like to pass it on to our readers! You may or may not know, but we have an entire page devoted to The Perfect Beer Glassware for WHATEVER brew you are enjoying! Alex, a representative of the Australian-based The Hangover Revival , a product that claims to aid your ale-induced day-after-drinking misery was kind enough to share an infographic on the topic of glassware and beer. Do you think glassware is an important factor to consider when pouring your brew? Will any vessel do? Or do you prefer to have the perfect glass for that perfect pint? Let us know in the comments below, and enjoy the following infographic. Please make sure you check out The Hangover Revival page and support our friends who sent this our way! Cheers!


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