Fizzics Draft Beer System – Hands On! (As Seen on Shark Tank!)

Fizzics Draft Beer System – Hands On! (As Seen on Shark Tank!)

Innovation in the beer game is hard.  There have been kegs, bottles, casks, and cans to get beer to the consumer, but all of those things fall short of delivering the best beer experience.  Now that we have the Fizzics Draft Beer System, we can have the best beer possible at any moment.

What is the Fizzics?

The Fizzics is a counter-top draft beer system is a device that lets you pour the perfect beer at home.  What makes the Fizzics so good? It’s in the technology.  CEO Phillip Petracca, who you can har on our podcast, told us that they looked at beer from every angle to find out what makes it taste so good.  What they discovered is that the head of the beer holds all of the power.


Regular Pour (left) Fizzics Pour (right) image C/O Fizzics indiegogo campaign

You may know that a proper pour leaves your beer with 1-2 “fingers” worth of head, and that is to trap and enhance the aroma of the beer.  What you might not know, is that the traditional way to pour a beer actually hurts the flavor of the beer.  With a traditional pour, you release too much aroma, you release too much carbonation, and the head dissipates too quickly.

Here’s where Fizzics used science to solve this problem.  The Fizzics System uses sound waves to create Micro-Foam™.  This foam is comprised of smaller, tighter bubbles that create almost a nitrogen-like feel for your beer.  At the same time, the Fizzics uses pressure to maintain the carbonation in the body of the beer that is often lost in a nitrogen-based pour.  The Micro-Foam™ is creamier, releases more volatiles, and stays longer than a normal head; all of that, and it actually tastes good!

How does Fizzics Work?

Fizzics is battery operated, and works with just about any container of beer you have.  It is compatible with any size vessel from 64 oz grolwers, all the way down to 12 oz cans and everything in between.  All you have to do is open the top, place the beer into the device, place the tube into the beer, close the top, and pour.

Pouring might take a couple of beers to perfect, but the basis of it is easy.  It’s a two-step process: 1. Pull the handle forward to gently pour the body of the beer into the glass, and 2. push the handle backwards to create the head on the beer.  What is really cool is that the Fizzics doesn’t “suck” beer out of the bottle, it uses pressure to gently push it through the tube and into the glass.  This is a trick they use to maintain carbonation and freshness.



image C/O PC Mag,2817,2497044,00.asp

Is it Worth It?

In short, yes.  This is one of those products that can truly enhance the flavor of a beer.  Will you use it every day for every beer? Maybe not.  While it’s not hard to use (it takes only and extra few seconds to set it up and pour a beer), it does add a step into pouring a beer.  If you’re just going to enjoy one beer, you might not even pour it out of the bottle/can to begin with. The Fizzics is really useful when it comes to growlers and bigger bottles of beer.  You can load up the canister, pour ice around the growler/bottle, and pour off as many glasses of perfect beer as you need.  Since it’s under pressure, the beer will stay fresh until it is gone.

We used the Fizzics at our fantasy football draft party, and it was a huge hit. Although we weren’t drinking craft beer, people loved to see the difference the machine made.  It’s unique, interesting, techy, and just plain fun.  If you want to get your hands on a Fizzics System, click on the link below. Do you already have a Fizzics? Let us know what you think.  We’ve loved our time with this device, and think it will make a great gift for the beer lover in your family.

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