Dale’s Pale Ale: A Collaboration with BeerGaggle!

Dale’s Pale Ale: A Collaboration with BeerGaggle!

We love our fellow beer reviewers from all over the internet, and from time to time we like to collaborate with them to put out a joint review.   Some people are pretty straightforward with their reviews, but BeerGaggle is a lot like us and like to have more fun describing beer.  Imagine this review as taking two Double-Stuffed Oreos, twisting them apart, and putting both cream-side cookies together to create the devilish Quadruple-Stuffed Oreo!

If you are a fan of Pale Ales as a style, you are sure to enjoy Dale’s Pale Ale (if you really enjoy Pale Ales, check out our Food Pairing guide for that style!), by Oskar Blues out of Colorado. We decided to review this excellent brew with the BeerGaggle guys! Here’s a link to the review of Dale’s Pale Ale.  Give these guys some love!



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