Cascade Brewing Coming to Ohio!

Cascade Brewing Coming to Ohio!

It wasn’t too long ago that Cascade’s Apricot Ale was on our Top Ten Most Wanted Beers list.  In order to get this, we had to trade some great beers to make up for the near $30 price tag our trade partner paid for the bottle.  Cascade Brewing is known for their world-class barrel aging program where they make fruited sours and ales aged in wine barrels. Aging and blending beers to create a flavor profile they want takes time, and in brewing time means money; this is why buying a 2013 vintage of Sang Royal will set you back $25.  Lucky for us, we won’t have to trade for Cascade much longer!

They have teamed up with Cavalier Distributing to bring the Portland-based sour masters to the Buckeye State.

“Tart, barrel-aged beers are the emerging beer style and Cascade Brewing is a pioneer of the NW style sour beer movement. They are, by nature, the definition of artisanal brewing: not bound by stylistic guidelines, just their own imagination and the ingredients they can access. Their beers have aggressive tart notes that are balanced by residual sugars, fruits, spices and the oak they use. Cascade Brewing serves them all up for you at the Raccoon Lodge & Brew Pub in SW Portland, and at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House – aka House of Sour – in SE Portland, which features more than 24 rotating taps, with a predominantly sour lineup at any given time. They have received a number of medals from the Great American Beer Festival and a rare score of 100 on Beer Advocate, a world-class rating.
Cascade packages are expected to arrive in May!” – Cavalier Distributing
In honor of this awesome news, here’s our review of Cascade’s Apricot Ale *Spoiler Alert* this thing is awesome!  Keep an eye on the site for any updates as to exactly when you can get some on shelves near you!



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