California IPA Tour

California IPA Tour


One of the best hobbies you can take up as a beer lover is beer trading. You will make new friends, learn new terms such as FT:ISO, $$4$$, learn how to package and ship “yeast samples” through the mail, and most importantly, discover some of the best beers in existence, that you simply cannot get your hands on locally!

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Recently, Cory and I decided that we needed to experience IPAs through the eyes of Californians. Many-a-time, I have been told that the world’s best IPAs reside in the Golden State, and I simply had to find out for myself just how accurate a statement that really was. I had a thirst for the knowledge of what was truly the best California IPA.  After all, we did give the first and (so far) only Brew Review Crew Double 100 to none other than Heady Topper, but my taste buds were curious, and so I sought out a West Coast trade partner, whom I found in “Frankzeye” of Reddit.

Frank graciously sent us Pliny the Elder, Kismet IPA, Duet IPA, and Blazing World Amber Ale (judiciously hopped) and exclaimed that this was the best California had to offer in terms of IPAs!

Please enjoy the following three videos. More importantly, please let us know if you agree with the selections. Are any of these the best California IPA? Or, do we need to head back to California to pick up your favorite California IPA!


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