Brew Love: A Mini-Doc on BC Beer

Brew Love: A Mini-Doc on BC Beer

If there is one thing I love about beer, aside from drinking it, it would be watching documentaries devoted to it. We were recently contacted by Jeremy Dyson of British Columbia asking us to screen his ~6 minute mini-documentary called “Brew Love”; a Story of B.C. Craft Beer.

Per the description of Brew Love; BC’s flowering craft-beer industry shows its passion for the art of making real-beer. Meet the grinders and the mavericks of British Columbia’s microbrew scene in Brew Love, whet your thirst for the craft-beer revolution.

This project has been selected to receive production funds through StoryHive, a new crowd-sourcing platform for community content. Brew Love will feature local brew masters, tavern keepers, and other connoisseurs of BC craft beer. From the mad monks of the craft, to the tech-savvy scenesters. What makes BC brewers unique, why do some businesses choose small? Brew Love aims to examine the phenomena of this explosive craft industry and see what’s universal behind the business ­- the love of the product.

Without further ado, enjoy Brew Love!

What do you think of Brew Love? What is the hidden-gem of the B.C. beer scene? Let us know in the comments below!

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