Best Christmas Gifts for Beer Guys

Best Christmas gifts for beer guys

by: Mark Cot (Guest Post)

Are you thinking about what will you give to your friends for Christmas? If you aren’t then it is the right time to start. Christmas is almost a month away which means that the entire holiday season is right at the door. If you are not a fan of crowds in the mall I would definitely suggest you start thinking about presents now. To help you with few ideas, I have made a list of great Christmas presents which are perfect for beer lovers. Look at the list and tell me what do you think?

Keg Refrigerator

The keg is the life of every party, but only if it is ice cold. No one wants to drink warm beer that is not the way to enjoy this perfect beverage. So, to avoid disgusted faces on your guests, one has to keep the keg nice and cold the entire party. The best way to do that is with this refrigerator which is made especially for kegs. A great idea is to get this keg refrigerator for the biggest beer lover among your friends because it is portable and you all can enjoy great ice cold beer. I am pretty sure your friend won’t go anywhere without it. Bonus feature: it is a dispenser as well so you don’t have to move the keg from it.

Corkcicle Chillsner

There are two types of beer lovers. The ones who love draft beer and the ones who love bottled beer. I have shown you how to make the keg nice and cold, but what about bottles? Yes, I have a solution for that too. This little gadget is made to fit almost every beer bottle and it will keep your beer cold for hours, even on the hottest day of summer. All you have to do is put this little tube in your bottle and let there be ice cold beer!

Foosball table

Beer goes with almost every sport or game table, but a bond between foosball and beer is something special. Playing foosball and drinking beer with your friends is the perfect evening! That is something almost every beer guy will tell you. The reason why foosball and beer go together so nicely is the fact that you can play foosball in 4 and if you finish a really intense match, you will need the beer. A match like that that one will wake up the adrenaline and you will be pumped, which is a good thing!  

Beer Making Kit

Craft beers are popular these days and this present is for beer lovers who know a lot about beer, but they never thought to make their own. Those friends maybe need a little nudge to enter the beer world as with their own beer and you have the ability to give them that. If nothing, he will definitely have fun making his own beer!


What kind of „Best Christmas gifts for beer guys“ list would be if I haven’t mentioned beer? A lousy one.  If you know his taste and which beer is his favorite you can buy him that beer or, if you aren’t sure, get him different beers so he can taste and see which one is better. Who knows, you may give him the best beer ever in his eyes!  

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Mark is a foosball player who has a blog about foosball called the FOOSBALL ZONE. He loves everything related to foosball and he wants people to see how awesome this game table is. Due to that, he is writing posts with guides and tips and everything one has to know before gets a foosball table and enters the foosball world.

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