SYNEK – The Keurig of Beer – is COMING!

SYNEK – The Keurig of Beer – is COMING!


You may recall that a short while ago, we wrote an article introducing you to SYNEK as THE premier counter-top home draft beer system.  We then updated you about SYNEK’s Kickstarter campaignNow, we are pleased to announce that SYNEK is nearly ready to make itself at home atop your counter to serve you craft beer whenever you are in the mood!


“This is a technology that can benefit everyone in the industry if everyone rallies behind it; brewers can engage more customers, distributors save on reduced shipping costs, retailers fit more product on shelves, and customers can get a wider variety of the freshest beer in the world.”

– Steve Young (Founder)

If you still do not know what SYNEK is and what its mission is, here are some quick points:

What exactly is SYNEK™?

SYNEK™ gives you access to any beer ever created, fresh from your kitchen counter. Unlike cans/bottles, our bags can be filled from any tap—giving access to unlimited variety. Plus, our dispenser is pressurized and self-refrigerated, extending shelf-life well past growlers.


When can you get your hands on SYNEK?

Starting in Spring 2015, SYNEK will begin rolling out in the United States several cities at a time. In each city, SYNEK will be hosting a launch party at a local brewery which will include pickup of your SYNEK, beer, music and general merriment. Anyone who pre-orders will get free tickets to any launch party that they would like to attend.

Want to know the story behind SYNEK?

In 2013, Steve Young (Founder of SYNEK™) started to take sharp notice of the craft beer industry as a stock market analyst. He wanted to know how the craft beer industry was making these great strides and what risk factors could cause it to become a ‘bubble’ like the industry saw in the 1990’s. Steve began to travel the U.S. to talk to the top craft breweries and home brewing associations to learn everything that was impacting the industry right from the source.

He knew the industry was rapidly growing with thousands of amazing brands created every week. However, to his surprise every brewer he spoke with complained about the exact same issue: “We make amazing beer, but we can’t get it into our customers’ homes and make money at the same time. If there was a way to create a growler that maintained our beer’s quality longer than two days, it would change everything.” It seemed there was a void in packaging between growlers and bottling.

As he continued to speak with industry experts, he was shocked to see the severity of the issue and wondered why nobody had taken the opportunity to address it before. Steve was so moved by the brewers’ intense frustration that he quit his job to assemble the best beer engineering team in the world and implement a solution to this beer packaging epidemic.

Summer 2014: SYNEK closed a $650,000 successful Kickstarter campaign in July 2014 due to overwhelming community interest. The team continues to grow and focus towards the official market launch in Spring 2015.

“It’s about giving the tools to the home and craft brewers to help spread their creation and make more money while doing it. The best beer deserves to reach the consumer in the freshest form possible.”

– Steve Young (Founder)

It is true that SYNEK is not the only draft dispenser on the market; so, what makes SYNEK different?

SYNEK are not the first to create a beer dispenser. In fact, SYNEK analyzed hundreds of failed attempts to understand exactly why they failed and improve upon those weaknesses. Here are the three primary reasons why SYNEK™ is completely different from anything ever attempted:

  • Variety – SYNEK™ is a ‘crowdsourced’ packaging system available to all brewers (home and craft); consumers gain access to any beer ever produced.
  • Convenience – Consumers can access beer anywhere there is an outlet. Also, the recyclable bags mean never having to clean a container again.
  • Quality – Independent tests have shown SYNEK™ ranks at or above cans/bottles/kegs on 5 major categories: (pressurization, shelf life, contamination, oxidation, temperature maintenance). SYNEK™ is specifically designed for craft brewers who create the highest quality beer in the world.

“In my professional career, I have never seen a packaging product like this out on the market. The benefits this can bring to the industry are enormous”

– Jeff Macler (Flex Packaging Engineer)

Want to know some specifics about the SYNEK system?

Specs (more details will be provided the day of launch):


Holds 128 oz or about 11 (12 fl oz) beers
Ships flat, sanitized – ready to be filled
Holds intense pressure – well in excess of boxed wine bags
Includes a pressure release valve to reduce leaks
Barrier qualities comparable to bottles
Recyclable but not reusable *Clarification- Bags can be reused, however to maintain maximum quality, it is not recommended
Costs will be well under $5, final price will be determined closer to launch

Chills beer with cooling system
Includes thermostat to fine tune freshness
Pressurizes chamber using CO2
Includes pressure valve to manage foam/carbonation
Drip tray included for messy pours
Pre-order for $299


If you’d like to order a SYNEK system, please visit the SYNEK WEBSITE or contact the SYNEK team at the contact links below:



twitter: @SynekSystem


instagram: @SynekSystem


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