Brew Review Crew: On Tap Episode 9 – 7/31/2015

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This week on the Brew Review Crew: On Tap Podcast:

Thanks for joining us for another packed episode of The Brew Review Crew: On Tap Podcast! We have a show that we think will make some craft beer fans a little angry. We are going to tell you why Macro-Beer giant Ab-inBev is actually GOOD for craft beer. That’s not all…

Today, On Tap:
1. We give you an update on the 140 year-old bottle of beer found in a shipwreck that we mentioned in episode one!
2. Are insects the new trend for craft beer? Find out why some brewers are looking to our winged-friends for inspiration.
3. Find out why we think Ab-inBev is GOOD for craft beer as a whole.
4. A craft beer kickstarter you’re sure to love.

All this and more on The Brew Review Crew: On Tap Podcast

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