Mutz’s Mini Mash – Recap

Mutz’s Mini Mash – Recap

You’ve probably noticed that our YouTube page has been blowing up with info and reviews from Maumee Bay’s experimental brewing week they have dubbed “Mutz’s Mini Mash”.  During Mutz’s Mini Mash, the brewery put out a different beer every day for a week.  The idea behind it was to give their brewers some time to experiment with ideas they’ve had, and to gain public feedback to see if any of their ideas are worth brewing on a large scale.  To read more about it, check out our Mini Mash preview article.

Here are the reviews from the week.  You’ll notice that every release was a solid beer, but, for both of us, one stood out above the rest.

Maumee Bay plans on doing a Mini Mash series about every 6 weeks, so keep your eyes out for some updated info on their next special.  Also, if you’re ever in the Toledo area, stop by Maumee Bay and try some of their awesome beers!

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