The Essential Equipment Guide to Homebrewing

The Essential Equipment Guide to Homebrewing

Homebrewing in America is one of the fastest growing hobbies amongst beer enthusiasts.

According to the American Homebrewers Association, homebrewing as a hobby rose by 10% in 2013, and by 20% in 2014 (so far!) (based on homebrew kit sales and homebrew store numbers).

There is nothing like enjoying a craft beer; but there is absolutely NOTHING like enjoying one that YOU created.

One major obstacle for people who are interested in homebrewing is the sheer intimidation factor. Homebrewing isn’t a hard process, but it can surely look that way if you’ve never done it before. The fine folks over at have created a kick-ass infographic that lays out the essential equipment needed to get started on your first homebrewing adventure.

If you are just starting out, this infographic is perfect for you! Print it out, hang it in your garage, and get brewing! Remember, if nothing else; Keep Calm and Drink a Homebrew! Oh-Hoppy-Days-FINAL

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