Brew Review Crew; On Tap Podcast S2E4: Ab-inBev’s Been an Ab-inBadBadBoy! Is Ab-inBev the Greatest Craft Beer Super-villain? Nasty #FakeBrews out of China and MORE!


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We have another great episode brought to you by the amazing folks over at [Yukon Growler](!

Today’s topics are:
Dogfish Head vs RateBeer
Disgusting, fake Budweiser from China that WILL make you sick!

Ab-inBev Hoarding ALL of the South African Hops (and why your favorite beer may be no more!
Ab-inBev accused of shady pay-to-play business practices
* [Trek Brewing Company](
* [The Beer Spike](
* [Unlabeled Game](
* [Fat Bottom Flights](

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