Beer Me! Choose Your Own Adventure!

Beer Me! Choose Your Own Adventure!

We don’t usually think of Betty Crocker when we think of beer, but maybe we should.  Being that we “dabble” in beer reviews, it’s hard for us to not get asked by friends or family what beer they should be drinking.  Well, Betty, in her infinite wisdom, has helped us out with this handy infographic.  Take a look below, or stop over at Beer Me Betty for the original page.


I’m not going to say that we follow the logic all the time here when choosing a beer (what if we want bananas and no peach?!), but it’s a fun way to guide you to your next beer.  They even paired it perfectly with a bite to eat, because you know you’ll be hungry after a few drinks. If you would like to see how we pair beer and food, make sure you check out our Perfect Food and Beer Pairings page!

What do you think? Do you follow any sort of road map when picking a beer? Or do you just drink whatever the mood calls for? Let us know below! If you like this infographic, share it with your friends!


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