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Why Advertise With Us? 

We average roughly 10,000 pageviews monthly

We have a wide audience on Twitter (1000+ followers), Facebook, Google+, and Instagram

We offer a variety of outlets including a YouTube channel and a Podcast.

Our site is consistently in the top 50 beer blogs according to Scott Janish’s Top 200 Beer Blogs (based on views and impressions).

Types of Advertising:

Sidebar Ads – Ads on our site directly.

Social Media Shoutouts – We will center social media posts around your company.

Podcast Plugs – You can become a featured sponsor for our podcast.

Sidebar Ads:

Put your logo on our site’s always-visible sidebar.  This 300 x 300 pixel image will be placed on the right side of our screen and will be linked to your homepage, or any landing page of your choosing.


300 x 300 pixel image for 30 days – $100

300 x 300 pixel image for 60 days – $175

300 x 300 pixel image for 30 days – FREE with inclusion of a product you would like us to review.  After 30 days, your ad will be removed unless renewed at prices above.

Social Media Shoutouts:

We will create posts on our social media outlets revolving around your company or brand.


5 posts over a 30 day span – $10

5 posts added to a Sidebar Ad or Podcast Plug over a 30 day span – $7

Podcast Plug:

Become a sponsor for The Brew Review Crew: On Tap Podcast.  We will advertise your product in one of two ways.  1) We will read an ad after our “Guess Dat Beer” segment, 2) We will give out promo codes to your site to the winners of podcast contests, or we will give out an affiliate link to our listeners for discounted products (ex:


Live Reads – $25 per episode

Promo Codes/Affiliate links – 7% Commission on affiliate-linked sales.

Live Reads – FREE for one episode with inclusion of sample of a product for us to review on the podcast.

Contact Us:

To contact us about partnering with The Brew Review Crew, fill out the form below, or email us at